Written and directed by Niko von Glasow
1991 . Feature film . 35mm . black and white . 40 minutes


A car drives through Poland. The scenery gradually changes: a town, high-rise flats and farmhouses. The car stops in a village. A female photographer from Western Europe gets out and avidly takes pictures of her surroundings. By chance, her eye is caught by the arrival of a wedding party. This marks the point of departure for several stories which unfold during the course of the wedding.
The Polish camera operator Jolanta Dylewska skilfully realises Niko von Glasow’s concept with a disciplined and poetic calm, presenting the audience with extremely moving images.


Bildergalerie . Hochzeitsgäste




Directed by

Niko von Glasow-Brücher


Anna Dabrowska

Krzysztof Sapkowski

Blazej Peszek

Christine Ormani

Agnieszka Zarzycka

Norbert Mazurkiewicz

Dorota Dabek

Anna Ciszowska

Katarzyna Weglicka

Stanislaw Jaskulka

Maria Krawczyk

Stanislaw Olczyk

Emanuel Kraus

Mariusz Saniternik

Hanna Molenda

Leon Charewicz

Iwona Bielska

Jan Peszek

Nikolaj Grabowski

Tadeusz Slobozianek



Produced by

Niko von Glasow-Brücher



Original Music by

Jacek Wasowski

Cinematography by

Jolanta Dylewska

Film Editing by

Wanda Zeman

Makeup Department

Halina Workiewicz

Assistant Director

Bohdan Graczyk

Sound Department

Marek Wronko


Wanda Zeman

Script Consultant

Kirstin von Glasow



„... a black-and-white jewel with a magical atmosphere ...“

„A film... for those who haven’t lost the ability to watch in detail.“
Die Welt

„... superb ...“