Florian Caspar Seibel – Producer

Florian studied Music Theatre Conducting and Directing and has been working as Music Director, Assistant Director and Producer for a number of theater and film companies in Europe and the US. He also writes plays for a German publisher (edition smidt). His play DER PHANTAST was published in 2011. OH, JONATHAN, OH, JONATHAN! followed in 2012.

He has worked at the Theater Erfurt, the State Theater Kassel, the Musical Festival Bruck an der Leitha (Austria), the Clingenburg Festspiele (Bavaria), the Shubert Theater in Los Angeles and the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, where he was Music Direcor and Resident Director for musicals like LES MISERABLES, EVITA and PIPPIN.

Further collaborations with Philip Glass, Christopher Hampton, Georgy Tsypin, Michael Bogdanov, Katja Ebstein, Hazy Osterwald, Yngve Gasoy-Romdal and Helen Schneider.

While studying Florian has been 1st AD and Unit Manager for a variety of productions: e.g. PICKET FENCES, independent film-makers, Paramount Pictures and New Line Cinema.

Besides producing for Palladio Film, Florian keeps on writing screenplays and personifies "Benny" in an ABBA revival band.